Dr. Adnan Soufi

Chief Executive Officer, SEDCO Holding

Dr. Adnan Soufi is the CEO of SEDCO Holding since January 2010, and a Board member of SEDCO Capital. Previously he held the Managing Director’s position at Financial Investment Group of SEDCO and was responsible for Public & Private Equity Investment Programs, Collaboration with Financial Institutions and Investment Management Firms, and Direct Equity Investments in Financial Services Sectors. Dr. Soufi’s professional relationship goes back to 1991 where he started as Assistant to the General Manager until his appointment as Senior Vice President of the Direct Investments Group in 1998, and later served as Advisor to the Chairman, and CEO from 1999. He also served as a board member of several organizations.

Dr. Soufi held the position of professor of Finance and International Business during 1984-1994 at King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah, and was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration during 1995-1998. He was also a Senior Associate Member of Oxford University’s St. Antony’s College in 2005.

Dr. Soufi is a Fulbright scholar, who holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and International Finance from the George Washington University, and he received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and MBA from the Seattle University.

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