Yael Warshel

Visiting Scholar
International Institute
University of California at Los Angeles
11372 Bunch Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Email: ywarshel@yahoo.com

Dr. Yael Warshel is a scholar of African and Middle Eastern media, youth and global conflict. She specializes in peace communication, or the assessment and evaluation of the role mass and interpersonal communication play in managing political conflicts (especially ethnopolitical conflicts); and Middle Eastern and African media/infrastructures, and audiences (particularly children's) uses and practices, as situated within political, economic, military and social contexts.

Situated in debates about whether media ameliorate or foment political conflict, Dr. Warshel has worked at the intersection of media and conflict policy, practice and analysis. She has coordinated communication policy for UNESCO, worked as photojournalist with the Zimbabwe‐Inter‐Africa‐News‐Agency, and as an Assistant Professor of International Communication and International Peace and Conflict Resolution; and conducted policy‐relevant research with the Center for International Development and Conflict Management, the Jerusalem‐based Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, and the Center for Research on Peace Education. Presently, Warshel is a Visiting Scholar with the UCLA International Institute.

Warshel is fluent in and/or has studied five languages and conducted fieldwork in the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans and Latin America. She is the recipient of an ICA Global Communication and Social Change Top Dissertation Award, an NCA International and Intercultural Communication Distinguished Dissertation Award, and a Peace Studies Dissertation of the Year Award, along with several other awards from public service, communication, Palestinian, Israeli, Middle Eastern and African scholarly organizations. She earned her PhD in communication from UC San Diego, MA in communication from the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania, and BA in interdisciplinary studies from UC Berkeley, which she combined with a photography major from the USC School of Cinema-Television.

Dr. Warshel has been completing a book manuscript assessing the reception of peacebuilding versions of Israeli and Palestinian Sesame Street entitled, Media-tion, Socialization and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In addition, she is continuing fieldwork to analyze Darija‐Arabic speaking/Moroccan and Hassaniya‐Arabic‐speaking/Saharawi youth's uses of digital media to construct their citizenship, within wider political‐economic contexts; and separate of that, about the comparative determinants of international coverage of conflicts, per the contrast between frames and agendas set, and the magnitude and intensity of conflicts. Finally, she is also writing up findings from recently completed fieldwork concerning everyday practices of families resident in the split Lebanese-Israeli border village of Ghajar, Syrian-Alawis now Israeli citizens; and from earlier fieldwork concerning Middle Eastern children's television and electronic‐game playing practices.

Her most recent publications addressed Moroccan citizen media, social media and politics in the Middle East, contributions of communication and media studies to peace education, Palestinian children's media practices within a conflict zone, and opinions of Jewish‐Israeli children about watching "Rechov Sumsum"/"Shara’a Simsim". Lastly, Warshel co‐edited Election Studies: What’s Their Use? (with Elihu Katz).
Regional Expertise: African Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Saharan Studies

Thematic Expertise: Media and conflict; children, youth and media; comparative African and Middle Eastern media/systems constructions/productions and related audience literacy, uses, practices and reception; peace communication; communication for social change; communication campaigns and evaluation of social-psychological effects and structural impacts; nationalism, ethnopolitical conflict and de-development; newer and older media and culture; public opinion and childhood; global human rights and citizenship; global networks, borderlands and (forced-) migration; socialization and behavior change; media ethics; critical (inter-) cultural/group communication; methods and media technology practice; mundane conflict zone practices; non-formal and international education.

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