Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence

Aims & Scope

Terrorism and Political Violence reflects the full range of current scholarly work from many disciplines and theoretical perspectives. It aims to give academic rigour to a field which hitherto has lacked it, and encourages comparative studies. In addition to focusing on the political meaning of terrorist activity, the journal publishes studies of various related forms of violence by rebels and by states, on the links between political violence and organized crime, protest, rebellion, revolution, and human rights. Symposia are a regular feature covering such subjects as: terrorism and public policy; religion and violence; political parties and terrorism; technology and terrorism; and right-wing terrorism. It publishes the RAND – St Andrew's Chronology of International Terrorism and Noteworthy Domestic Terrorist Incidents starting with 1994. A truly interdisciplinary journal, it is essential reading for all academics, decision makers and security specialists concerned with understanding political violence.

Online ISSN: 0954-6553; Frequency: 5 issues per year

Published: Friday, April 22, 2005

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