Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future VII 2012

This year’s event was once again held in conjunction with the Doha Forum, now in its twelfth year. Together, the two conferences brought together 700 participants from 100 countries. Over the past seven years, Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future has grown into an internationally recognized forum for scholars, dignitaries, and investors who discuss pressing issues related to global policy as they also conduct private business and interchange.

This May, we were pleased to welcome Senator George Mitchell, the former Middle East Envoy under President Obama, who made his first public address in the region since leaving office in May 2011.  

If you are interested in more information on conference speeches, please feel free to download the following files:

Remarks by Sean Cleary

Closing remarks by Steven Spiegel

Please also visit the Qatari Foreign Ministry's website for the conference.  There you will find everything from the agenda to a list of participants to photos and videos from the conference.

Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future VII Offical Conference Website

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