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The importance of China and of understanding China has never been greater. Your support can help us to carry out its mission of promoting Chinese culture, facilitating cutting-edge academic research, and improving communication and mutual understanding between the US and China. Through our sponsored international symposia, lectures, workshops, programs in culture and the arts, and opportunities for cultural exchange and education, we strive to keep our community informed and ensure that our students are prepared for careers in international diplomacy, education, or in the global marketplace,

We welcome gifts of any size and all gifts are tax deductible. You may elect to have the Center for Chinese Studies allocate your gift to where the need is greatest, or target a particular activity or project. You may make your contribution via check or credit card.

If you have any questions about giving to the Center for Chinese Studies, contact Esther Jou, Assistant Director, at (310) 825-8683, or visit the UCLA International Institute's support section. We will be happy to discuss specific gift opportunities such as endowments, bequests, or planned gifts that may provide additional tax benefits and income to the donor.

Thank you in advance for your support of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies!

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Advisory Council

Council Chair

Howard and Norma Lee

"When it comes to supporting the Center for Chinese Studies, my family has really had two long-term goals in mind."

Council Members

Robert and Patsy Sung

"We believe that the Center for Chinese Studies can play a major role in enhancing intercultural sensitivity and adaptability through education."

Stephen Lesser

“Through the programs of the Center of Chinese Studies, we can learn, study, evaluate, and analyze events in China, and, as a result, become more knowledgeable and educated people."

Michael Yang & Anna Fang

“Our goals have always been to promote cultural exchange and education cooperation between China and the States.”

Peter Zen

Coming from Taiwan in 1969 and through schooling and working experiences, he has learned new perspectives of the US.

John Qu and Jane He

John Qu is a co-founder of a public charity-Franklin Foundation, where they organize a number of activities to support children with autism. Jane He is currently the vice president of Newbridge Media and a reporter of North America for the China Global Times.

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