Paris - Pont au Change. (Photo: ©Roger Wollstadt on Flickr.) CC License CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Related Career Links

Related Career Links

In response to requests from students seeking international careers, the Burkle Center provides students with international career panels, career-minded audio podcasts, informative handouts, and updates on the latest calls for internships in the LA area.

Burkle Center Career Panels & Networking OpportunitiesCareer Panels

The Burkle Center sponsors international career panels to provide insight about various internationally-themed professions. Join us for an opportunity to hear leaders in the field of international affairs speak candidly about what they did after graduation and how today's recent graduates can prepare for a career in international affairs. These panels are produced in large part by the Burkle Center Event Facilitator Interns.

  • 2012-13 International Career Panel: Listen to representatives from Women for Women International, Heifer International, and CREATE (National Homeland Security Center). Click here for the podcast.
  • 2011-12 International Career Panel: Listen to representatives from Human Rights Watch, RAND, and Relief International. Click here for the podcast and to read about the panelists. 
  • 2011 Winter International Career Panel with Professor Michael Dukakis, Professor David Kaye, and Nicholas Smith. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • 2011 Spring International Career Panel with Diplomat-in-residence Gary Bagley, Professor Peter Katona, and LA Times editor-at-large Jim Newton. Click here for the podcast.

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Burkle Center Career Panels & Networking Opportunities

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