(Photo: Christina Buswell, cropped)

Upcoming Events

Ise: Rebuilding the Imperial Shrines in Medieval Japan

In 2013 people in Japan and around the world celebrated the rebuilding of the imperial shrines at Ise, a process that typically re-occurs every 20 years. Most descriptions of this traditional cycle of rebuilding credit it with preserving unchanged the ancient, timeless forms of the shrines. Upon closer examination of its historical context, however, we can see that this tradition of rebuilding masks disruptions, discontinuations, and radical transformations.

Recent Events

The Indian Roots of Global Buddhism

A one-day conference on the Indian origins of Buddhism.

What is Buddhism When it is Practiced by Non-Buddhists? A lecture by Charles Hallisey

What is this “Buddhism” that we encounter, take up, and practice in our everyday lives, what does it reveal to us about Buddhism as a religious heritage in today's world; and what does it suggest about the future of religion in our world?