Buddhist Studies courses, 2013-2014

UCLA 2013-2014 Buddhist Courses

Fall 2013:

Asian M60W:  Introduction to Buddhism (Bodiford)

Chinese CM160/C260:  Chinese Buddhism (Heller)

Chinese 191A:  Religion and Society in Ancient China (Poo)

Japanese 265A:  Japanese Buddhist Texts (Bodiford)

Winter 2014:

Art History C140C/C2424C:  History of Korean Buddhist Art (Kim)

Asian M60W:  Introduction to Buddhism (Muldoon-Hules)

Asian 151:  Buddhist Literature in Translation (Bodiford)

Asian 261A:  Buddhist Studies (Bodiford)

Chinese M60:  Chinese Religions (Heller)

Chinese 265A:  Chin Buddhist Texts (Heller)

Japanese CM160/C260:  Japanese Buddhism (Bodiford)

Spring 2014 (Tentative Schedule):

Asian M60W:  Introduction To Buddhism

Asian M61:  Introduction To Zen Buddhism

Asian 162:  Buddhist Meditation Traditions

Asian 201 Proseminar:  Approaches To Buddhist Studies

Chinese 165:  Introduction To Chinese Buddhist Texts

Chinese 265B Seminar:  Chinese Buddhist Texts

Korean M60:  Introduction to Korean Religions

Religion M173C. Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese Folk Religion

Published: Monday, December 16, 2013