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Donald Treiman
Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Department: Sociology CA
Phone: 310-825-1610
Email: treiman@dudley.sscnet.ucla.edu
Keywords: China

Ph. D., University of Chicago 1967

Research focus: Social stratification; social demography. Current research: social stratification in China, internal migration in China, social stratification in South Africa, social stratification in post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe, ethnic stratification in Los Angeles, cross-national comparative studies of social stratification and mobility

Selected publications:

Deng, Zhong, and Donald J. Treiman. 1997. “The Impact of the Cultural Revolution on Trends in Educational Attainment in the People's Republic of China”. American Journal of Sociology 103:391-428.

Walder, Andrew G., Bobai Li, and Donald J. Treiman. 2000. ““Politics and Life Chances in a State Socialist Regime: Dual Career Paths into the Urban Chinese Elite, 1949-1996.”” American Sociological Review 65:191-209.

Treiman, Donald J., and Harry B. G. Ganzeboom. 2000. ““The Fourth Generation of Comparative Stratification Research.”” Pp. 122-150 in The International Handbook of Sociology, edited by Stella R. Quah and Arnaud Sales. London: Sage.