When we say “Chineseness,” what exactly do we refer to? Allen Chun recently raised this question at a UCLA Taiwan Studies Lectureship event hosted by the Asia Pacific Center.

Posted: 3/8/2017

Filmmaker Park Yeong-i visited the Center for Korean Studies on February 23, 2017, to screen his documentary “The Blue Sky Symphony,” which focuses on ethnically Korean high school students in Japan.

Posted: 3/8/2017

Post-September 11, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and many others found themselves divided from the mainstream, lumped into a new group of “Muslim-looking” people.

Posted: 2/22/2017

The book by the director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies explores the life of Vietnamese Catholic priest Philiphê Binh.

Posted: 12/16/2016

Stefanie Serino (UCLA 2017) spent a year at Waseda University in Japan, where she studied Japanese and international development, volunteered for an educational organization and did field research with a student club.

Posted: 11/22/2016

Japan's rise to economic prominence following the booming decades of the 1970s and 1980s placed the nation at the forefront of the global economy, but has also yielded a number of consequences for the Japanese workforce.

Posted: 10/20/2016

Norma Field explored the anguish and anxiety of Japanese living with the consequences of the March 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Posted: 7/7/2016

85 faculty and students from Peking University and UCLA gathered to exchange research findings and explore new areas for collaboration at the 7th annual JRI symposium at UCLA.

Posted: 6/20/2016

Professor Emma Teng of MIT recently examined mixed-race identities in the U.S., China and Hong Kong as part of the Taiwan Studies Lecture Series of the Asia Institute.

Posted: 5/25/2016

The work of UCLA public health researcher and educator Dr. Roger Detels has had a significant impact on how the countries of Southeast Asia are handling the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Posted: 3/3/2016

A recent UCLA-Tata Global Forum in New Delhi brought together high-ranking U.S. and Indian policy makers, academics and business leaders to discuss the challenges of a sustainable energy future.

Posted: 1/13/2016

John Widman's research has taken him to the bridge between music and language. To cross it, he's blazing his own linguistic trail.

Posted: 1/11/2016

Academic-year and summer fellowships to assist deserving undergraduate and graduate students undergoing training in modern foreign languages and related area or international studies.

Posted: 10/1/2015

The annual symposium, held alternatively at Peking University and UCLA, attracted over 150 participants and featured many speakers from both universities.

Posted: 7/28/2015

Read about the deliberations behind the Dartmouth Award conferred on The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, co-edited by Robert E. Buswell Jr. (UCLA) and Daniel S. Lopez Jr. (University of Michigan).

Posted: 6/22/2015

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