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Publications from the Program on Central Asia

Conference Reports

The Mongols from the Margins: New Perspectives on Central Asians in World History

A one-day conference sponsored by the UCLA Program on Central Asia and the Richard Hovannisian Endowed Chair in Modern Armenian History.

Crossing the Roof of the World: People and Geopolitics in Trans-Himalayan Trade

A Report on Program on Central Asia Conference held February 19, 2010 at UCLA

Central Asia Inititative: Mobility and Governability in Central Asia

Report on Conference held October 18, 2008 at UCLA.

David MacFadyen on "Little Angel, Make Me Happy"

In his introduction to Usman Saparov's film at the March 13, 2008 screening, David MacFadyen situates "Little Angel" in the context of the Soviet-era political climate and film culture of Turkmenistan in the 1970s to 1990s.

Persia beyond the Oxus Conference Volume Published

Bulletin of the Asia Institute, Volume 21

Publication: Afghanistan in Ink: Literature between Diaspora and Nation

Edited by Nile Green and Nushin Arbabzadah (Columbia/Hurst, 2011)

Publication: Writing Travel in Central Asian History

Edited by Nile Green

Publication: The Future of Afghan History

International Journal of Middle East Studies 45, 1 (2013)


Podcast: Central Asia Today: Empire and Reimaging the Past

Eurasian Empires Seminar Series Lecture by Martha Brill Olcott, Carnegie Endowment

Podcast: Talab, Rihla, Ghaza: How Central Asian Sufis Rediscovered India and China

Eurasian Empires Seminar Series Lecture by Alexandre Papas, CNRS, Paris

Podcast: Xinjiang in Central Asian and World History

Eurasian Empires Seminar Series Lecture by James Millward, Georgetown University

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