Bruins in Beijing: UCLA at the 2008 Olympic Games

The UCLA Newsroom has invited UCLA athletes, coaches, students and alumni to produce a weblog from the Beijing Olympics.

Visit the Bruins in Beijing weblog.

UCLA has a rich history at the Olympic Games. Icons such as Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Karch Kiraly, Lisa Fernandez and Florence Griffith Joyner – just to name a few – have competed as undergraduates at UCLA.
At the last Olympics, held in Athens in 2004, UCLA ranked number one among all universities for number of medals earned (19) and number of Olympians sent (57). If UCLA were a country, it would have placed 14th overall in the medal count.
This year, UCLA is keeping the tradition strong, sending 38 Bruins to Beijing, 32 athletes and six coaches. In this blog, you’ll hear from UCLA alumni, coaches, and athletes – Bruins in Beijing reporting on what they see, hear and feel.

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Published: Tuesday, August 05, 2008