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Visiting Scholars Program
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Visiting Scholars Program

Each year, the UCLA Center for Korean Studies welcomes scholars from universities and institutions throughout the world, who are drawn to UCLA for its dynamic research environment.

These visitors include academics, scholars, and senior government officials, representing every discipline of Korean Studies. These visitors provide a valuable resource for the Center's faculty and graduate students, as well as the Los Angeles community as a whole, and enhance UCLA's coverage in Korean Studies. The Center for Korean Studies provides limited administrative assistance to visiting scholars and helps scholars with access to UCLA's library and research facilities. Because of severe space limitations throughout the university, the Center is unfortunately unable to provide private office space to visiting scholars.

Costs: The Center for Korean Studies charges a small administrative fee to defray the costs of running its visiting scholar program. The current charge is $3,000 for academics and $8,000 for non-academics per year. An application fee of $500 must be paid by credit card upon submission of the online application to cover the costs of processing the visiting-scholar application.

This application fee is non-refundable, even if the scholar is ultimately unable to visit UCLA, or if the Center is unable to accept or accommodate the applicant.

Please note that submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance.


  1. Ph.D., or equivalent evidence of professional achievement, by the time the appointment would begin.
  2. Preference is given to scholars from institutions with which UCLA has signed academic-exchange agreements and to scholars who are personally recommended by UCLA faculty in Korean Studies.
  3. All applicants must be affiliated with an established institution (i.e. Academic Institution, Government, Media Institutions and Companies)
  4. All applicants must provide documentation certifying sufficient proficiency in the English Language with one of the following:
    • A recognized English language test - TOEFL or IELTS only.
    • Certification document from an academic institution or English language school the visiting scholar is affiliated with or has once attended. Certification must be provided on letterhead and signed by school official within the past 6 months. 
  5. A UCLA faculty member's consent to serve as the university sponsor for the applicant during his or her stay at UCLA.
  6. Due to space and administrative limitations, there is an annual quota on the number of visiting scholars who may be invited by the Center. The Center may not be able to accommodate all qualified candidates who apply in any one year.

Application Process/ Procedure


  1. Send an email to koreanstudies@international.ucla.edu with your (1) research proposal, (2) your CV, and (3) proposed appointment begin date (choose January 1st or September 1st).
    This is only the preliminary application. Please do not complete the online application until you have been instructed to do so. A $500 non-refundable application fee is required to complete the online application. 
  2. Faculty Advisory Committee will review your documents and determine whether or not to accept your application to our program.
  3. You will hear back from the Program Assistant regarding the decision. Once you receive the invitation to apply to our program, you may then complete the online application and pay the $500 non-refundable application fee. A non-refundable application fee is to defray the administrative costs of processing and evaluating the application.
  4. Once your application is received with all the supporting documents, you will receive a DS-2019 via FedEx. 
  5. Payment information will be sent to you with the due date as the appointment begin date. 
  6. You are required to attend the check-in and the orientation upon arrival, preferably before your appointment begin date. 


There are two appointment start dates each year: January 1st and September 1st for the one-year program. There is a one month grace period for check-ins. For an example, if January 1st is your appointment begin date, you can check in at anytime in December or January. There is an option to apply for a six-month program, which is open all year around. 

Applicants will be required to submit information and supplementary materials as listed below in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF:

  1. A curriculum vitae or professional resume.
  2. A proposal (no more than 1 page double-spaced), outlining the research that will be undertaken while in residence at the Center.
  3. A photocopy of passport clearly showing picture, number and expiration date.
  4. A letter of recommendation from a scholar with expertise in the area of the applicant's intended research (required only for non-academic applicants).
  5. A certified statement of financial support from the applicant's place of employment or financial institution. (Affidavit of Support)
  6. Documentation certifying sufficient proficiency in the English Language:
    • A recognized English language test
    • Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school
  7. The insurance policy must provide the following coverage:
    • No overall maximum dollar limit for medical coverage
    • An annual deductible of no more than $500
    • Coinsurance that does not exceed 25%
    • Medical evacuation up to $50,000
    • Repatriation up to $25,000
    • Pre-existing conditions must be covered with no waiting period, exclusions or dollar limits
    • Maternity must be a covered benefit
    • Preventive Care & Wellness Services must be covered with no cost
    • Mental Health and Substance Abuse services must be a covered benefit
    • Prescription drugs must be a covered benefit
    • Carrier must be at least A- rated

Please note: Documentation of insurance is not required on the application. However, if accepted, scholars will be required to show proof of insurance upon arrival.

For more information about the health insurance requirement, please see the "Health Insurance" section on the UCLA Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars J-1 Visa Information website.

Please note that submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance. All applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Committee of the Center for Korean Studies.

Application Deadline

  Application Period 

 Appointment Begin Date  


April 1st - June 1st

 September 1st


 August 1st - October 1st

 January 1st


***Please be aware that the Center is accepting limited number of Visiting Scholars every year.***
Please contact the Center before you initiate the online application process in order to see if we are still accepting applications for the current year. If you submit your application without contacting the Center prior to submission, your application may not be considered for review. Also, please be advised that the application fee is non-refundable.

Submit your applications early. It takes at least two months to process your application. When applying, please take into consideration the time that it will take to make all the necessary arrangements before arriving in LA.

Submit your application with all the required forms and materials. Incomplete or incorrect applications can significantly delay the process. Please make sure that the application is complete and correct before submission.


CKS Visiting Scholar Online Application


For questions related to application procedures for visiting scholars, please contact  the Program Assistant at the Center for Korean Studies. Tel: (310) 825-3284, fax: (310) 206-3555, e-mail: koreanstudies@international.ucla.edu