Media and Culture in Contemporary China: Recreating Chinese History & Literature in Film & TV

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Photo by Joy Yang; Rong Cai and Ying Zhu

Videocast of Session 3 from October 21, 2011 conference held at UCLA

A two-day conference featuring Chinese Producer Zhang Jizhong, sponsored by the UCLA-USC Joint East Asian Studies Center and held on the UCLA and USC campuses

Friday, October 21, 2011
James West Alumni Center

Session 3: Recreating Chinese History and Classic Literature in Film & Television

Chair: Andrea S. Goldman, History, UCLA

  • Jonathan Chris Hamm, Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Washington, From the Boxers to Kung Fu Panda: The Chinese Martial Arts in Global Entertainment
  • Zhu Ying, Media Studies, College of Staten Island, CUNY, From Anticorruption to Officialdom: The Transformation of Chinese Dynasty TV Drama
  • Rong Cai, Asian Languages & Cultures, Emory, Memory of Politics and Politics of Memory: Restaging Revolution on Contemporary Chinese Television
  • Matthias Niedenführ, Director, European Centre for Chinese Studies, Revising and Televising the Past: Portrayal of Historical Leader Figures in Chinese TV Dramas

Discussant: Robert Chi, Asian Languages & Cultures, UCLA

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Duration: 1:42:51

Published: Tuesday, November 22, 2011