Call for Papers: 2011 Im Conference of Korean Christianity

The Dongsoon Im and Mija Im Korean Christianity Program of UCLA, announces the 2011 Im Conference of Korean Christianity.

The 2011 Im Conference of Korean Christianity will take place at UCLA on Friday, October 21, 2011.

The conference aims to give professors and scholars in all Korea-related and world-Christianity fields an opportunity to present their researches on Korean Christianity, especially on the topic of the "Global Connections of Korean Christianity," and collect papers for editing a book that discusses the same issues--historical Western connections, historical East Asian Connections, and Contemporary global connections.

Examples of topics to consider:
1) Interactions between Korean Churches and Chinese or Japanese Churches
2) Korean Christians (political leaders like Yun Ch'ioho and Syngman Rhee)
3) Western Missionaries (missionary scholars of Korean studies)
4) Christian Medical Work ; (e.g., Leprosy, Nursing)
5) Christian Educational Work (e.g., College Question)
6) Contemporary global mission movement of the Korean Churches

This conference is open to participation by Ph.D. students, post-docs, and professors. It is open to applicants from outside the U.S., but preference in the selection process will be given to scholars in the U.S. and Canada.

Airfare, accommodations (single room), and a transportation grant will be provided to all accepted participants. ;

All successful applicants will be expected to give a thirty-five-minute presentation (twenty five minutes presentation plus ten minutes Q&A). All participants will have to submit their full paper (12 point, double-spaced, 20-30 pages) by September 5, 2011.

Applicants should submit a short CV and 1-2 page abstract/proposal by e-mail to professor Sung-Deuk Oak (

The deadline for applications is May 30, 2011. Applicants will be contacted by June 5 regarding the acceptance of applications.

Please note: This conference may continue through the following Saturday depending on the number of applicants accepted.

Published: Thursday, April 28, 2011