UCLA-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Student Exchange Program

UCLA graduate students are eligible to enroll at HKUST in the School of Humanities and Social Science for up to one year (two semesters or three quarters) through the UCLA-HKUST student exchange program. Supplemental funding is available for select candidates.

UCLA-HKUST Graduate Student Reciprocal Exchange Program

The UCLA Asia Institute invites graduate students from any campus department or school to apply for the UCLA-HKUST exchange program. UCLA graduate students with a focus on China or Asian Studies are eligible to enroll at HKUST in the School of Humanities and Social Science for up to one year (two semesters or three quarters) through the UCLA-HKUST student exchange program. Students will pay in absentia fees at UCLA and enroll at HKUST with tuition waived. Students must demonstrate that they have their own funding. Doctoral candidates are eligible to apply for the HKUST International Doctoral Student Visitor Supplement.

UCLA graduate student applications for study at HKUST and for the ITDVS during the 2015-16 academic year should be submitted to the UCLA Asia Institute. Before submitting the application, students must identify and contact a faculty sponsor at HKUST who is willing to work with them during their time at HKUST. Final acceptance into the exchange program and award of IDSVS funding is contingent upon confirmation by the HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science exchange advisory committee.

Deadline: April 3, 2015

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HKUST International Doctoral Student Visitor Supplement

The HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science is pleased to invite applications from advanced graduate students at its international partner universities for an International Doctoral Student Visitor Supplement (IDSVS). The aim is to encourage doctoral students who are working on their dissertations to spend time as visitors at HKUST to conduct their research. They may take advantage of faculty expertise at HKUST, resources available at HKUST and other Hong Kong institutions, and Hong Kong’s proximity to China, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The IDSVS is intended to complement the student’s own funding to help cover the additional expenses associated with spending time away from their home institution. It will cover the cost of round-trip economy class airfare to Hong Kong, a housing and living subsidy of 5000 HKD/month, and up to 5000 HKD of research expenses while in Hong Kong. Applicants are expected also to have funding from their own institution during their time here. Ideally, students are expected to spend at least 13 weeks (one semester) at HKUST, and may stay up to one year. Shorter stays may be approved but require consultations with the applicant’s home institution.

1. PhD student in good academic standing in the humanities or social sciences.
2. Commitment of funding from home institution for the period you will be at HKUST. Again, HKUST funding is intended as a supplement, to cover additional expenses associated with being away from the student's home institution.
3. Advanced to candidacy and have a clear research plan for the dissertation.
4. A faculty member in the HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science has expressed willingness to host you, conditional upon being awarded this fellowship.
5. Dissertation research is related to China or the interests of your faculty host, and within an existing faculty concentration in the School of Humanities and Social Science.
6. Demonstrated high level of English communication skills.

All applicants are required to submit:
1. A CV (maximum 2 pages);
2. An official transcript;
3. A dissertation prospectus or research proposal;
4. A one-page description of their plans for their time at HKUST, including tentative dates, and the
identity of their HKUST host;
5. Two reference letters (one should be from her/his Home University Academic Supervisor);
6. If candidates would like to request research expenses, they must submit a proposal that describes the activities for which they would like support, and provides a budget. Awarded funds will be held in an account at HKUST and will not be available after the completion of the stay.
*7. A letter from their department describing their funding for the period during which they propose to
be at HKUST (Required upon acceptance).

Please note:
1. HKUST does not provide housing to any supplement recipient;
2. Visitors are expected to become part of the School intellectual community by attending seminars and/or participating in other activities;
3. The International and Mainland Program Office of the School of Humanities and Social Science will assist fellows with their applications for HK visas, if needed;
4. The School of Humanities and Social Science will give highest priority to partner universities which have hosted students from HKUST under existing exchange programs, or express a strong commitment to host students in the future.
5. HKUST will arrange air tickets. Visitors who would like to buy their own tickets will only be reimbursed if the itinerary and airfare have been approved before purchase.

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HKUST has the largest interdisciplinary university-level program in humanities and social sciences in China and Greater China. Located on the Clear Water Bay peninsula in East Kowloon, Hong Kong, HKUST teaching is conducted in English, making it an inviting partner for UCLA faculty from all fields and disciplines. Visit http://www.shss.ust.hk/ to learn more about the School of Humanities and Social Science.

For more info please contact:
Elizabeth Leicester, Executive Director, UCLA Asia Institute

Published: Friday, October 08, 2010