UCLA at the Shanghai World Expo

UCLA at the Shanghai World Expo

UCLA in Shanghai Week, July 19-24, 2010

The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is a tremendous source of pride not only for the city of Shanghai, but for the entire country. UCLA already has a noticeable presence in Shanghai, and the Expo presents us with a unique opportunity to build upon existing relationships to begin establishing a presence and profile that can contribute to a variety of our institutional goals. To celebrate, UCLA will host a variety of events during UCLA in Shanghai week to highlight and build on existing relationships and to reach out to alumni, students, and academic partners in Shanghai.

Executive Vice Chancellor Scott Waugh will be in Shanghai and activities will include admissions workshops for Chinese high school students, the UCLA Alumni Association Asian Summit, and a reception and dinner for UCLA and its friends and partners on July 24. The reception will showcase the research of UCLA students living in Shanghai during the summer and, in particular, their documentation of city life over a 24-hour period. Contact ykim@international.ucla.edu for information and to rsvp for the reception.

If your summer plans are taking you to Shanghai, we hope you’ll join us!

UCLA in Shanghai Activities

Over 100 UCLA students are in Shanghai this summer on Travel Study programs:

  • Consequences of the New Market Economy with Yunxiang Yan, Prof. of Anthropology and Co-Director, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, East China Normal University
  • Chinese Language and the World Expo with R. Bin Wong, Prof. of History and Director, UCLA Asia Institute and Hongyin Tao, Prof. of Asian Languages and Cultures, Jiaotong University
  • 21st Century Beijing (includes trips to Shanghai and Expo) with Cindy Fan, Prof. of Geography and Director, East Asian Studies Interdepartmental Degree Program,
  • Workshop in Scholarly Translation for graduate students, with Theodore Huters, Prof. of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA, and Deng Zhenglai, Director of the National Institute for Advanced Study on Social Sciences, Fudan University

24 Hours of UCLA in Shanghai: Students will photograph and blog about their observations for a multimedia project which will appear on the UCLA homepage during this week. The research of UCLA students living in Shanghai during the summer and, in particular, their documentation city life over a 24-hour period will be showcased at the reception on July 24.

The UCLA Confucius Institute and Shanghai Jiao Tong University will hold a meeting of the Board of Directors (UCLA membership includes Scott Waugh, Bin Wong, Stewart Kwoh, David Unruh, and Susan Jain).

The UCLA Alumni Association will be holding its Pan-Asia Summit in Shanghai during this week. The event will include prominent UCLA alumni from all over Asia. UCLA alumni who currently reside in Shanghai will reach out as mentors to the undergraduates, sharing their perspectives on the effects that Expo has had on the city.

Representatives of UCLA’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools will travel to Shanghai to meet with enrolled and prospective students and their parents.

Sponsored by: UCLA Alumni Association, Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools, International Education Office, UCLA Confucius Institute, Office of Summer Sessions, Asia Institute, History Department, Global Studies Program, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures.


Published: Tuesday, June 29, 2010