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Mission Statement

The Asia Pacific Center (formerly the Asia Institute) is dedicated to advancing the study of the interconnectedness and interrelations of nations and peoples of Asia and the Pacific region in a global context. Its programs cover East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia with a broad focus on the economic, political, historical, social and cultural dynamics in and beyond Asia. The center fosters innovative programming, research, teaching, and international collaborations that cross conventional geographical and disciplinary boundaries to promote the understanding of Asia and the Pacific region in the ongoing process of globalization at UCLA and in the wider academic and public communities. The center is designated as a National Resource Center on East Asia under the US Department of Education’s Title VI program.

The center is currently home to the UCLA Program on Central Asia and hosts the Taiwan Studies Lecture Series.
Administrative Staff

Min Zhou
Director, Asia Pacific Center

Elizabeth Leicester
Executive Director, Asia Pacific Center

Aaron Miller
Assistant Director, Asia Pacific Center

Executive Committee