Edmond J. Keller

Professor; Director Globalization Research Center-Africa
Department: Political Science
405 Hilgard Avenue
Address2: 10359 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Campus Mail Code: 148703
Phone: (310) 267-4054
Email: ekeller@ucla.edu

Keywords: Africa, Politics, Development, UCLA, Political Violence, Globalization, Governance, Political Economy

Edmond J. Keller is professor of political science, Director of the UCLA Globalization Research Center-Africa and former Director of the James S. Coleman African Studies Center at the University of California-Los Angeles. He specializes in comparative politics with an emphasis on Africa. Keller received his B.A. in Government from Louisiana State University in New Orleans, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has taught at Indiana University, Dartmouth College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Xavier University (New Orleans), and the University of California-Santa Barbara. Keller has been a visiting research scholar at the Institute for Development Studies (Nairobi, Kenya), the Bureau of Educational Research (Nairobi), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the Africa Institute of South Africa, and the University of California-Berkeley Institute for International Studies. Also, he has consulted widely on issues relating to African Development and public policy, and, more recently, on the process of political transitions in Africa, and on African regional security issues.

Among his professional activities, Keller served on the Executive Committee of the Comparative Politics Section of the APSA, 1996-98; and since 1994 has served as the Africa specialist on the editorial board of CP. He has also served on the Editorial Board of the Western Political Science Association and the National Journal of Political Science; as Editor of the Journal of African Policy Studies, as treasurer for the North American Chapter of the African Journal of Political Science, and as vice president and president of the African Studies Association.

Keller is the author of two monographs: Education, Manpower and Development: The Impact of Educational Policy in Kenya (1980) and Revolutionary Ethiopia: From Empire to People’s Republic (1988). Professor Keller has also written more than 50 articles on African and African American politics, and has co-edited three books: Afro-marxist Regimes: Ideology and Public Policy (with Donald Rothchild, 1987); South Africa in Southern Africa: Domestic Change and International Conflict (with Louis Picard, 1989), and Africa in the New International Order: Rethinking State Sovereignty and Regional Security (with Donald Rothchild, 1996). Presently Keller’s main research are on issues of political transitions in Africa, cultural pluralism and nationalism, and conflict and conflict management in Africa.