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Kathleen Sheldon

Research Scholar
Department: Gender Studies
1500 Public Affairs Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7222
Campus Mail Code: 722203
Phone: 310-825-0590
Fax: 310-825-0456
Email: ksheldon@ucla.edu

Keywords: Africa, Gender, UCLA, History, Women's Studies

Kathleen Sheldon received her Ph.D. in history from UCLA in 1988 with a dissertation on "Working Women in Beira, Mozambique." Sheldon previously had completed an M.A. in African Area Studies at UCLA in 1977. Her undergraduate degree in history is from Northwestern University.

Sheldon has published articles about Mozambican history and African women's history in Signs, Women's Studies International Forum, International Journal of African Historical Studies, Lusotopie, The Canadian Journal of African Studies, History in Africa, and African and Asian Studies, as well as in collections including Writing African History (ed., John Philips), African Encounters with Domesticity (ed., Karen Tranberg Hansen), and African Novels in the Classroom (ed., Margaret Jean Hay).

Sheldon has an article forthcoming in Contesting Archives: Historians Develop Methodologies for Finding Women in the Sources (ed., Sherry Katz, Nupur Chauduri, and Mary Elizabeth Perry). She was honored to receive the Catherine Prelinger Award for independent scholars from the Coordinating Council for Women in History in 1999, and a research grant from the National Coalition of Independent Scholars in 2003.

In addition to Sheldon's primary focus on African women's history, she is editing a diary kept in 1919-1920 by Sylvia Thankful Eddy, her great-aunt, who served as a nurse missionary with the Near East Relief in Turkey. A preliminary article about Sylvia Eddy has been published as “‘No more cookies or cake now, “C’est la guerre”’: An American Nurse in Turkey, 1919 to 1920,” Social Sciences and Missions 23, 1 (2010): 94-123. Her research thus far has been supported by two Tillie Olsen Awards from CSW (2000 and 2007).
In other projects, Sheldon is writing a textbook on African women's history, and she is the subject editor for entries on women for the Dictionary of African Biography, forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

Sheldon also edits H-Luso-Africa, a listserve on Portuguese-speaking Africa.