Recap for the Cross-Strait Symposium

International Symposium on China and Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations

The Symposium on China and Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations, held on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the UCLA Faculty Center, sucessfully generated educational information and discussions from the panel of distinguished speakers and the audience.

With the reelection victory of Ying-jeou Ma in Taiwan and Barack Obama in the US, and the dramatic yet successful power transition to Xi Jinping in China, the speakers offered insightful comments and opions on what they think the future holds for the United States, China, and Taiwan.

Keynote Address by Richard Bush, The Brookings Institution

Shen Dingli, Fudan University

Zhu Feng, Peking University

Thomas Fingar, Stanford University

Bonnie S. Glaser, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chih-cheng Lo, Soochow University, Taiwan

Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College

Stanley Rosen, University of Southern California, moderator

Shen Dingli, Fudan University

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, UC Irvine, moderator

Published: Friday, April 26, 2013