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Articles by Kevin Matthews

Global Studies Thesis Award Goes to Student with Ethos of Service

Elya Filler's Global Studies thesis on the East Asian sex industry and its historical background won that interdepartmental program's top honor for 2008-09. Now she is volunteering at a school in Cambodia and thinking about how best to continue her education while helping to battle poverty.
Published on: 10/27/2009
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Venezuelan Ambassador Discusses Relations Between US and Region

Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, the ambassador from Venezuela, says that the political crisis in Honduras and the U.S. military presence in Colombia will be pivotal issues in U.S. relations in Latin America.
Published on: 10/13/2009
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She Travels Sahara to Record History of Caravan Trade

Ghislaine Lydon, the new chair of the African Studies interdepartmental program, will travel to Mauritania in December to collaborate on an article and a documentary film about the last women caravanners in the western Sahara Desert.
Published on: 10/5/2009
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Former Pakistani PM Urges Open Talks on Afghanistan

Shaukat Aziz, who served Pakistan for eight years as finance minister and prime minister, argues in a talk at UCLA that global and regional powers will need to meet with all Afghan factions, the Taliban included, and offer a Marshall Plan for Afghanistan in order to put the country on the right track.
Published on: 10/2/2009
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Leader in Son Jarocho Revival Tells His Music's Story

Gilberto Gutierrez, a Son Jarocho singer-poet and master of the stringed jarana, explained how this once-popular music of southern Veracruz has not only come back, but begun to spread.
Published on: 9/10/2009
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Russian Spoken Here: Intensive Language Courses Hit the Streets

More than 400 students took advantage of L.A.'s linguistic diversity this summer by signing up for Language Intensives in L.A., organized by the Center for World Languages and Summer Sessions.
Published on: 8/11/2009
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Droughts of Past Yield Lessons for a Warming World

Already an expert on how global warming and drought affect ecosystems, Geography Professor Glen MacDonald is now delving more deeply into how these forces will affect people, and what local and regional leaders can do.
Published on: 7/23/2009
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New Answers to Big Questions in Chinese History

For 30 years Lothar von Falkenhausen has observed changes in China over two very different time scales, one of them measured in millennia.
Published on: 6/30/2009
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Research Tool for Latin Americanists Expands in Region by Giving Back

'HAPI: the Database of Latin American Journal Articles' has increased its subscriber base in that region by giving its online library product away in some countries and charging less for it in others. HAPI had flexibility to make the change, which shortens paths to knowledge for scholars, because of its good financial health.
Published on: 6/19/2009
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Language Teaching, Meet Innovation

This spring, two centers under the UCLA International Institute went live with standalone, online courses on Azeri and the Iraqi dialect of Arabic and with a custom application that allows instructors to share web-based lessons. Meanwhile, the New Language Classroom has added videos for instructors, and the Language Materials Project launched a portal for K-12 schoolteachers on "less commonly taught" languages.
Published on: 6/17/2009
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